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a Emily French- Professional Cosmetologist

Advanced Skin Care Specialist
Aveda Hair Color Artist-Grey Blending Specialist
Hair Cutting/Customizing Specialist

I love being outdoors with my three dogs and fiancé, whether it’s camping, fishing & rafting, mountain biking & trail riding, or just walks outside in fresh air. Wellness became my passion over 15 years ago because I felt I needed more balance in my life. I’ve been practicing health-conscious habits so I can eventually help others find a direction to become more health aware. I believe it is very important to listen to your body so you can live happy, healthy, balanced and realistically. I’ve learned this can be accomplished with mindfulness. I always say, “FOCUS ON what you put ON your body, what you put IN your body, and what you DO with your body.” I guess you could say I am also an aspiring philanthropist. In the near future I will be obtaining my Certificate for Nutrition coaching to advance my skill/practice and so I can find ways to help my clients find balance for their body inside and out.

In the cosmetic and self-confidence areas, I find hair color exciting down to the science of each gram. I delight in every style of haircut or creation. I believe every person has their own natural beauty without makeup. I have three certificates in advanced skin care. I love how grounding facials are and prize all of my services by the natural/clean and wild crafted products I use. I will continue other certified courses so I can educate every client how to properly commit to healthy hair, skin, and whole-body habits. With the energy of a sister and a best friend, I ensure a comfortable experience for every appointment. I have the confidence, creativity, and fashion forward sense to unfold what each individual is looking for.

After creating B. Haven Wellness LLC and opening Valcana Elupt in Downtown Billings, I gained a lot of experience. Since September 2023 I closed that location and I am now currently practicing at Salon Avalon on the west side of Billings. Valcana Elupt will always be defined as courage to do what others thought you couldn’t and perseverance  to keep going. With that being said, I still promise to inspire my clients to take care of their bodies as a whole and provide exceptional services.