Nourish your health.
Enhance your lifestyle.
Define your reality.

You have a choice.

~Emily French – founder of B. Haven Wellness, LLC.


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Skin Care & Massage

The skin and massage team pleases with essential relaxation
and credible results in every wax or skin care treatment.
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Nail Services

The nail team compliments with delightful artwork, and satisfying services to strengthen the natural nail.
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Hair Services

Our hair team gratifies with calming treatments, and gentle changes or unique renditions of classic hair styles.
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B. Haven Wellness Cafe

B. Haven Wellness Café is solely based on wholefood, superfood, and microgreen diet promotion. Yes, we used that word……. microgreen. Just kidding the word ‘diet’ typically triggers most. I know what you may be feeling; annoyed, afraid, or even just anxious because I suggested the word diet promotion. If your done reading, I don’t blame you, but don’t ever forget one thing about that word, it is a lifestyle choice not always a bad habit we are trying to break. We are human beings and we all make mistakes, no matter how perfect you are. This is where B. Haven Wellness Café comes in and loves each and every person who walks through our doors.

In our Wellness Café we offer supplements, snacks, and radical smoothies. Although, we are only health enthusiastic individuals our goal is to help individuals struggling (or thriving) to make the best choices they can for themselves. We suggest clients begin with some supplementation for convenience, but our complete end goal is to help their urges for processed foods to lessen by reintroducing healthier choices into their meal plans with wholefoods, superfoods, and microgreens. We serve superpowered snacks and beverages in a rejuvenating and peaceful ambience to encourage everyone to focus on their health or the root of issues they are having. B. Haven shares the same values as Valcana Elupt, all of our teams strive to be the best leaders, friends, and teammates inside and out of the community because we want to be a demonstration for strong individuals who share the value of relationship and healthy thinking. We are going to make Montana Health Awareness a movement. Join us to see what we can do for your diet, even if it’s just a small adjustment or bonus in your extremely busy schedule to keep you going after lunch time or if you have no idea where to start and your tired of beating up on yourself and don’t want to hear it from the family either. We at Valcana Elupt and B. Haven Wellness Café are here to help you nourish your health, enhance your lifestyle, define your reality, because you have a choice!

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Our Mission

At Valcana Elupt, we enrich a traditional salon environment by integrating wellness within our facility. We provide the highest quality and clean sourced ingredients while promising to educate and provide solutions in both wellness & beauty divisions. Our teams strive to be the best leaders, friends, and teammates inside and out of the community because we want to be a demonstration for strong individuals who share the value of relationship and healthy thinking. With emphasis, we encourage everyone to focus on their bodies ability to love and heal — recovering, rejuvenating, and nurturing the body, mind, and spirit.

We want everyone who comes through our door to become the strongest health-aware and confident version of themselves. Valcana Elupt and B. Haven Wellness’s objective is to be a contributor to more health-conscious individuals by inspiring and encouraging our clients, so they make healthier choices and positively influence others.

When each client chooses to be served holistically by both of our wellness facilities, they are introduced to our core values; respect, honesty, prioritize, and balance with moderation and consistency. This will create a well-balanced homeostasis, improved self-esteem, nutritional values, family or social connection and acceptance, and the ability to serve others by practicing giving and selflessness. These deeper aspects of life can all be obtained in our trustworthy environment. Overall, each client forms a holistically healthy platform, building up happiness and influencing positive choices in their life and others.

All of these additional resources we hope to provide are not guaranteed for every client’s lifestyle because of their responsibility to make their own choices. Although we are their trusted wellness advocates, our main focus is to help build stronger people and leaders in Billings by inspiring and connecting them with resources and providing a map to achieve their optimal health expectations.

‘Invest in your health and natural beauty.’ (Emily French, 2021)