About Us

B. Haven Wellness LLC was established by the health-conscious and aspiring philanthropist, Emily French. Her goal for Valcana Elupt is to help people become more health conscious and aware; starting with the fuel you put in your body, the products you put on your body and what you choose to do with your body. Other things that can contribute to what you put in, on, and do with your body is: negativity, processed foods, bad habits, laziness, and addictions or better yet: faith, love, positivity, exercise, words of affirmation, whole foods and dense nutrients. This is all clearly explained as a destruction process of the human body with the lack of a future vision or the choice for healing with trust to become the best influence oneself can be. At Valcana Elupt we want everyone who comes through our door to become the strongest health-aware and confident version of themselves. B. Haven Wellness LLC will always be charged by our trusted Beauty and Wellness advisors who plan to inspire clients to rehabilitate their lifestyle choices. Beneficially we provide those resources all in one establishment.


Valcana Elupt and B. Haven Wellness Cafe’s main objective is to be a contributor to more health-conscious individuals by inspiring and encouraging our clients, so they make healthier choices and positively influence others. These resources we provide are not guaranteed for every client’s lifestyle because of their responsibility to make their own choices. When a client chooses to be served holistically by all of our wellness services, they are introduced to our four core values; respect, honesty, prioritize, and balance. This creates a well-balanced homeostasis, improved self-esteem, healing, nutritional values, family or social connection and acceptance, and the ability to serve others by practicing giving and selflessness. These deeper aspects of life can all be obtained in our trustworthy environment. Overall, each client forms a holistically healthy platform, increasing happiness and building up positivity in their life and others’. We are their trusted wellness advocates with the focus to help build stronger individuals and leaders in Billings with optimal health expectations.


Invest in your health and natural beauty.’ (Emily French, 2021)

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